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Why choose bride and groom bobbleheads as a gift or for your own wedding
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It can be difficult to come up with ideas for a gift for the bride and groom at a wedding. You want to give them something which shows you have put some thought into it, without spending a fortune in the process. Weddings are expensive enough, with outfits and travel to consider, so an affordable but personal gift, is what you should be looking for. An ideal gift for the newlyweds is the bride and groom bobbleheads, which you can have individually tailored to suit the couple. Some couples buy the bobbleads for themselves to personalise their wedding cakes, but they also make fantastic gifts.

Custom bride and groom bobbleheads

Are the bridge and groom avid football fans? Or maybe they are notorious for lying on the couch watching movies all weekend. Whatever the couple enjoy, you can customise the bride and groom bobbleheads to suit their lifestyle and interests. You can also add a bit of humour with your bobbleheads. For instance, has the bride been a bit of a bridezilla? Maybe you want to choose one with the groom being dragged to the alter. Of course, only if you think it will be taken in the spirit it was intended! 

Why choose bride and groom bobbleheads

Why choose bride and groom bobbleheads as a gift or for your own wedding

There are all kinds of reasons why you might want to choose bride and groom bobbleheads as a gift or for your own wedding. They are personalised so offer something a bit different and more unique than other gifts. They are also funny, so if you want to bring some light-heartedness to the wedding, these will definitely bring some laughter. It is also a gift you can treasure forever and look back on with fond memories. Many wedding presents end up stuffed in a cupboard or drawer, never to be seen again, but this is unlikely to be the case with the bride and groom bobbleheads.

You can find a complete collection of bride and groom bobbleheads at, as well as bobbleheads for a range of other occasions.

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