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Custom Wedding Bobbleheads, the Perfect Artwork for Your Special Day!
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Weddings are some of the best and most cheerful occasions in our lives. Funny enough, we always have a single moment to make the perfect impression and doing a colorful wedding is every girl’s dream. There is no better way of spicing up your wedding than having custom wedding bobbleheads which are unique and fun way for you to remember this special day. Our Custom bobble head studio offers a wide selection of bobbleheads for weddings, which can capture different styles and details to bring out the best out of you.

We normally make personalized wedding bobbleheads from photos of you and your spouse thus giving you a perfect cake topper that will look elegant and unique, leaving your guests marveled and with a story to tell for years. Our custom bobbleheads are also a great idea if you are looking for the perfect wedding gift to give to someone you care so much about. You can upload a photo of the couple planning a wedding early enough and we will deliver the bobble head to you on time in readiness for presentation in the wedding. Giving your much loved couple a bobblehead doll that perfectly resembles them is undoubtedly a great idea that will make them remember you forever.


Our custom bobble head studio uses a non-toxic an transformable material to make the best bobble heads of different sizes, shapes and even colors thus making dolls that look as real as the actual people. You only need to supply us with the photo of the couple and then choose the design you want to have the bobble heads in. We can make the dolls of the couples holding hands, kissing, seated or in any other posture. We also make bobbleheads that capture the bridegroom or bridegroom along, bridesmaids, and flower girls among others. 

 Custom Wedding Bobbleheads, the Perfect Artwork for Your Special Day!

We offer reasonable prices for excellent quality custom wedding boobleheads thus helping you to plan a unique and exquisite wedding. All our bobble head dolls can be expected to last for many years without changing in color. The hair will remain in its original color for years as the material we use does not easily rub off or fade away. Unlike many suppliers who use cheap materials to make wedding bobble heads, our custom bobblehead studio only specializes in high-quality products to give 100% quality guarantee.

We have a team of versatile crafters who have a keen eye for details and these normally pay close attention to the crafting process to ensure that the results are as you would want them. You can always find their versatility in its reality verisimilitude as we give high resemblance guarantee. As a studio, we normally pursue high likeness and remembrance of the faces for which we are crafting the wedding bobbleheads. We promise complete customer satisfaction at all times and will involve you through the modeling process stages to ensure we have your approval before delivering the end product.

We understand that time is of the essence to our customers and therefore will deliver the results on-time and at very straightforward prices. If you are looking for quality, custom wedding bobbleheads, just get in touch with the best and only then shall you be guaranteed of quality, creative results.

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