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History of Bobblehead Dolls
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The origin of bobbleheads are thought to date back at least 250 years and came from China. Chinese nodding-head figures are

documented in England and Continental Europe as early as the 1760's. Nodding-head figures were imported into England, Europe

and America from Canton in large quantities from the 1780's.  Later, larger ceramic figures of animals, ranging in size from

about 6 to 8 inches, were produced in Germany. These toys had spring-connected heads, and were called "nodders" or "bobbers"

based on the way that their heads would bob on their bodies.The bobble head is known for having an over sized head as well.

New York Knicks bobblehead in 1920 is acknowledged to be the first sports bobbleheads by collectors. But the popularity of

bobblehead was not only about sports, beatles bobbleheads also became popular later on and is still a valuable collection

The origin of bobbleheads are thought to date back at least 250 years and came from ChinaChinese nodding-head figures are documented in England and Continental Europe as early as the 1760's

In the 1930s, bobbleheads faded and they were just produced in small numbers of novelty items until 1960s. It became hot

again because the San Francisco Giants baseball team took it to public eye, they handed out 35,000 free Willie Mays

bobblehead dolls to the first 20,000 visitors on May 9th to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Candlestick Parks in 1999,

which was the last year of the Giants playing at that stadium. This event caused a big hot for bobblehead dolls industry.

The bobblehead dolls were first made of papier-mache by 1960s. At that time, Major League Baseballproduced a series of this

kind of bobbleheads dolls for Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays, Roger Maris, and Roberto Clemente and sold during the 1960 World

Series. All of the bobblehead dolls are with the same face but different uniforms. But paper material bobblehead dolls were

easy to get damaged and cracked. So in the 1970s, the methods was improved to ceramic. They became popular for various

sports, as well as for cartoon characters of the day. To this day, the most popular bobble head set is of the Beatles,

and although it is hard to find today, it’s very valuable. In the 1990s, new method was introduced, the bobblehead dolls were

made of plastic instead of ceramic, which could dramatically reduce the cost and difficulty of making qualified bobblehead

dolls. The reduced manufacturing cost lead to a rapid development of the bobblehead dolls industry.

beatles bobbleheads

Nowadays, most of the bobbleheads are made of polyresin or polymer clay, which is extremely durable and can avoid damage

during transportation. We can see various bobbleheads everywhere, such as mini bobbleheads and key chain bobbleheads. There

are also many famous legends, athletes or political leaders made to bobblehead dolls. Many of the bobblehead dolls in modern

day are very relistic in facial expressions and detailed in features. So more and more people began to have bobble heads

collections. There are also many new websites created, allowing for people to create their own personalized bobblehead dolls

online. They can also add their tatoos, logos,  postures and other extra things. Bobblehead dolls started from unknow to

famous, it has become an important part of our culture and favaroble colletion for many people.

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