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What's personalized bobbleheads?
Time: 2015-10-30 Hit: 1069

Bobblehead is a kind of collection, which is also called nodder, wobbler or bobbing head doll. The head is mostly oversized than the body, and the head is connected to the body with a spring or hook instead of a solid connection, so the head can bobble easily, that comes to the name “Bobblehead”

Bobblehead has been made in various characters as a promotion manner, such as baseball player figures to ticket buyers at sporting events, popular host character for certain TV channel advertisement. Bobblehead now is also used in corporations including Taco Bell (the 'Yo Quiero Taco Bell' Chihuahua), McDonald's (Ronald McDonald) as gift to customers.

What's personalized bobbleheads?

Personalized bobblehead rised sharply in 2014 with competitive market, the porpular size is 6 - 7“ height, most are on-line supplier. Customer needs to upload one or several facial color photos (front view or profile view is optional) and choose the ”stock body”. Other order information is color choice for eye/clothes, order quantity, delivery cost etc..
Available stock bodies mostly cover fashion and niche theme, such as career, sports/hobbies, adult and kids’ clothes, graduation, awards, super hero, sexy  body, festivals, corpse and funny issues. Sports regalia may be generic or licensed.  Various poses are available, including sitting in a motorcycle or in toilet. Except for personal statue, couples and several family members are also ok for bobblehead. Statue bases are generally simple, but elaborations like words/logos for vehicles or sport playing areas are possible.