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Custom bobbleheads- find the right gift
Time: 2016-06-02 Hit: 632

It can be truly difficult to find the right gift or memento to commemorate important moments. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, graduation or celebration, we know that it can be tough to come up with something that is unique and memorable.

Thankfully, is here to help you create that unique and memorable token with their 100% custom bobbleheads. Working to fulfill customer needs for over a decade now, uses their in-house studio and artists to provide accurate and beautiful representations of whatever you want for their custom bobbleheads, 100% of the time.

Looking to commemorate a graduation or wedding? Additions such as a cap and gown or tuxedo are entirely free with your order of your custom bobblehead. Making a last minute decision? can provide your handcrafted custom bobbleheads to your doorstep in as little as seven days, worry free. What does that mean? Well with many companies, things can get lost or broken if they’re in a rush to ship your product, and then they refuse to fix the issue. Well with, no matter how fast you need your custom bobbleheads, if even a single bobblehead shows up damaged, the company will either repair them or send you new ones, completely free of charge.

That being said, not only are their custom bobbleheads handcrafted and realistic, but they are made with the utmost care with non-toxic and highly durable materials. While most bobblehead and miniature sculpture stores you find online are just reselling factory-made products, is working tirelessly to provide you with the best custom bobblehead experience online.

To ensure that their clients always receive the best possible service, only requires a 50% deposit when ordering your custom bobbleheads and the rest can be paid once the client has satified their custom bobbleheads preview.

After finding out about the company from some who had tried it, we decided to try out for ourselves. We ordered a shipment of custom bobbleheads for all the members who were attending one of our business conferences. The first thing we noticed was that there was no mandatory sign-up or onboard procedure everything was quick and easy.

For us, quality and experience are always huge when we are looking for new companies to work with. So seeing that had been making custom bobbleheads for over 12 years, and reading the client testimonies available online really put our minds at ease. If you are thinking of placing an order or looking into it, reading up on the product online is never a bad idea.

The next thing we noticed was how simple the process was. We simply uploaded the images of our event attendees and within a business day, had sent us back mock-ups of our custom bobbleheads and asked for our feedback. Throughout the process they sent us updates and online proofs to ensure that the project was moving forward accordingly.

Even though all their custom bobbleheads were crafted in-house, we were surprised to see that their pricing was very competitive with similar stores who offered factory made products. As advertised, we paid 50% upon placing our order and were not asked to pay the remaining amount until our satified custom bobbleheads in person.

While we ordered custom bobbleheads for a business event, its important to note that offers custom bobbleheads for celebrities, athletes and musicians as well, so they could work well as birthday gifts as well. provides a wide array of samples on their website which range from individuals to celebrities so anyone can see the details and effort that go into each and every one of their custom bobbleheads.

If I could say anything, it would be that I was amazed at how accurate their website was. Rather than being filled with false promises, delivered on all their guarantees for us and provided us with exceptionally beautiful, realistic and fun custom bobbleheads. If I ever needed to again, I would be more than happy to work with this business and fully encourage our readers to give them a visit at to see what they can offer.

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