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Cool bobble heads of Couples Make the Youth Brilliant
Time: 2015-12-21 Hit: 2144

In our real life, not everything goes ahead according to our expectation; first love is one of them. Many couples may need to separate when it comes to graduation, leaving only memories. Even if it has all kinds of sadness, separation is inevitable. I checked carefully and selected a photo of us, then ordered a cool bobble heads in order to make a witness to our love.

Because this is a kind of spiritual sustenance, I do not care the price and cool bobble heads similarity when placed order on  But in fact, the bobblehead doll turned out to have a high similarity with some cartoonish style, which is quite amazing and funny.  Most importantly, the doll is a souvenir of my life experience that will be stored in my heart forever. Although it’s a couple bobblehead doll, it does not show too much intimacy, but just a couple accompany together. The two faces are full of smiles, which is the best expression of our current love. We will start our new life after the separation, carrying each other’s blessing on this cool bobble heads.

Cool bobble heads of Couples Make the Youth Brilliant

I always regard the couple bobblehead doll as my treasure that travels with me in many cities. During my hard working days, the doll help me have full of energy. We should work hard when young in order to have bright future. I believe the temporary abandon is for future better start, so I must be upheld. When in ten years graduation party, he will be surprise if I send the doll to him as a gift. But if he already has a better choice, I will stored it in my luggage and make our memories eternity.

I think this is the reason why couple bobblehead dolls are so popular, just like our love. Most couples order cool bobble heads in order to commemorate their good and unforgettable time.  Love is the best mark of youth, and the loving doll will make our youth brilliant forever.