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Why are Additional and Identical Bobblehead Doll Copies Priced So Low Compared to a Prototype?
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Custom Bobbleheads can be a great conversation piece and there are many people who collect them. It can be confusing for individuals who purchase custom bobbleheads when they realize that the original doll is much more expensive than any additional copies that are ordered at the same time. While this may seem incongruent to a buyer, one must consider the process involved in making bobbleheads. 

Think about the fact that each doll requires careful design and fabrication attention. For example, if you wanted a bobblehead of your favorite aunt, the designer would have to review the characteristics of her face and make a mold for the new custom bobblehead doll. The bulk of the work lies in the design and manufacturing work involved in creating that first doll. Hence, creating additional copies requires little extra work. With a mold in place and the manufacturing methods developed to create the first doll, it is not as difficult to continue the developed process to make more dolls.

Why are Additional and Identical Bobblehead Doll Copies Priced So Low Compared to a Prototype?

The bad thing about this scenario is that the bulk of the expense is involved in creating the first copy. The good news is that you can pay for the first copy and then order additional copies using the same mold to create custom bobbleheads for everyone interested in them. 

Let’s go back to the idea of making a bobblehead for your favorite aunt. You may want it as a gift for her. However, you may have 50 family members who would be interested in the same item! In this case, you can spread the cost over the group and the price becomes reasonable and everyone gets an item that they will love!

Another example is for a sales environment. Let’s say you have a community member who is extremely popular. If you are the entrepreneur who sets out to have a custom bobblehead made, you can take that extra step and have many more made at a low price. These items can then be upsold and you should consider the expense of the initial prototype as a start-up cost for your new sales endeavor. 

Another example is for gift giving. Let’s say that you have large family, business contacts, group of friends, etc. You may wish to give them a gift, and yet so many gifts are over used and tired. There are many companies who give away pens, wall clocks, edible goods, wine, gift cards, etc. Each of these gifts could go wrong. For example, a pen can be lost. A wall clock may not fit with their decorating needs. Edible goods may not suit their tastes and wine could be given to someone who is abstaining from alcohol. A bobbleheads doll can peak their interest and make people smile on any occasion. Many of us have a multitude of people to buy for. With a bobblehead, you can pay the fees for the prototype and still find that you are ahead of the game when you purchase the additional copies at a reduced rate.

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