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New Christmas Gift Idea - Customized Bobblehead
Time: 2017-01-09 Hit: 750
During this festive season, do something different. Move away from the expensive thoughtless gifts like electronic gadgets or kitchen appliances which just say "I can spend money on you." In this age of commercialization, we have moved away from those little personal touches that we used to give earlier. 

Let us say NO to this mindless commercialization. The Christmas gift should be a statement of your personality and say something about the receiver too. There's a latest Christmas gift idea this year on the Internet that is creating a stir. It is customized bobblehead dolls.

Bobblehead dolls have been around for a long time, but this lovely little item can be personalized to make a beautiful personal Christmas gift. You can put the image or picture of your choice on the bobblehead doll. You can also add a message of your choice. So put the picture of Santa for the kids or the picture of your friend enjoying on the beach so that she will remember it for a long-long time. This bobblehead doll will adorn the car or desk of your friend or a loved one and constantly remind them how much you care as the bobblehead doll will be personal. You can write their names or nicknames on the bobblehead doll too.

And I am so happy that I found the ideal Christmas gift - customized Bobblehead Dolls. This is the latest Christmas gift idea and is sure to keep you in the memory of your loved ones for a long time. The bobblehead doll can be customized by putting a picture of you or the receiver on the doll. You can also add a personal message, which will be inscribed on the bobblehead doll. How about a Santa bobblehead doll for the kids? Just imagine how much they will enjoy it!
There's a latest Christmas gift idea this year on the Internet that is creating a stir. It is customized bobblehead dolls.
How many days do your Christmas gifts keep you occupied? A personal bobblehead is sure to occupy a prominent position in the living room or bedroom or car of the receiver, and it is such a nice personal gift. I am secretly hoping that I get one as well so that I can keep a personal bobblehead in my car.

So, do something different this year and embrace this latest Christmas gift idea. Give your loved ones a gift that will make them remember you not just on Christmas but a long, long time after that.

Customized Bobbleheads - Making Them Fun and Realistic

What are the four words that you want to hear regarding your customized bobble heads? When people look at your dolls, you would want them to say that "the similarities are uncanny." 

This is why a lot of people want it to be realistic as possible. But is this the best thing to do? Remember, you want to capture people's attention and remind them of you. So how can you attract their attention - by making the doll as fun as possible.

Now when it comes to the look, this is where you want to be realistic especially for the big head. You have to make sure that your eyes, nose, mouth, and ears are realistic and captured similarly. You want people to take a look at it and know at once that it's patterned after you. 

To capture your look, you can send pictures capturing the front and back view of yourself. You can also give your measurements to make it more realistic. You wouldn't want your arm to look shorter on the doll than it is in person. But the most important thing is to approach a reliable manufacturer. For more information visit this site''.

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