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Custom Hockey Personalized Bobble Head S645
Item Number:DFU-S645
Additional identical copies as low as $20
Standard bodies are the bodies that we have in stock. Our artists will sculpt Custom Hockey Personalized Bobble Head according to your photo on the standard body,you are also allowed to change all the colors, such as body, skin and base. We offer free small add-ons, free clothing change and free base color selections.
Send Your Pictures
You can upload your pictures now. (*Max 1Mb each) It will be slow to upload large pictures, please be patient.If the picture is too large to upload, pls send at after the order is placed. Note: *Pls note we will make the facial expression of your bobblehead according to your front view photo.
Person 1
Front View
Right or left side
Your hair color:
Your eye color:
Your skin color:

  • H01 Black

  • E01 Hazel

  • S01 Light asian
Select Your Extras
1.Doll size
2.I want my head to bobble
3.Add-ons Free during promotion now ,charge again soon.
4.Text on The shirt
5.Add a Logo or Tattoo Free during promotion now ,charge again soon.
6.Select the color of your base
7.Select base type
Upload photo,it's slow please be patient or send by email.
Upload photo,it's slow please be patient or send by email.
8.Add a message or name on the base
9.Special instructions & Comments
The description of any change of the clothes color, logos, base color or anything else you want on the doll or tell the artist exactly what you are looking for and what he is supposed to create. You can also send email to if your comments are long.
Get additional identical copies:
Noted: You may now add identical copies to your shopping cart at a discounted price. Price as low as $20. This cannot be done at a later stage, if it has been started. Please contact us via email at for a custom quote if you intend to order more than 100 identical copies.

Add 1 to 5 more: $40 each 

Add 6 to 10 more: $35 each 

Add 11 to 24 more: $28 each 

Add 25 to 49 more: $25 each 

Add 50 to 99 more: $20 each 

Additional Copies:
Sculpting and Delivery
E.T.A, Base on customer approve within 24 hours.
Product price:$75.00
Extra Upgrades:$8
Additional(0) Copies:$ 0
Total price:$83.00
Only 50% down payment:$41.50
(Note***: Remaining balance to be paid after dolls approval.)