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1.What's the process to purchase a custom bobble head?

2.What's the lead time of a bobble head?

3.How shall we send the payment?Are they really safe and secure?

4.Will my bobblehead look exactly like the photo?

5.What is proofing? Can I require to improve it if I don't like?

6.What's the price of a bobblehead?

7.Where can you ship to?

8.What if I don't like my bobblehead? Do you offer refunds?

9.What materials are used?

10.What if the bobblehead got broken when it arrives at my door?

11.What's the weight of the bobble head?

12.Why are additional identical copies so low-priced?

13.Where can I find your bulk order prices?

14.What are standard bodies, and what exactly is 100% custom made?